CEFA’s Advisor Summits offer financial advisors the chance to gain insight from closed-end fund industry experts and portfolio managers, exchange ideas, and obtain the latest information on issues, trends and topics related to CEFs. Speaker presentations and open discussions will focus on understanding, analyzing, and using closed-end funds, including interval funds and BDCs, to position in a diversified portfolio and generate income.


The Closed-End Fund Association (CEFA) is the national trade association representing the closed-end fund industry. A not-for-profit association, CEFA is committed to educating investors about the many benefits of these unique investment products and to providing a resource for information about its members and their offerings.

The members of CEFA are among the leading investment companies in the United States, Canada and abroad, who have established reputations for their long-term service to shareholders. Together, CEFA and its members are committed to fostering awareness, understanding and responsiveness in serving the needs of the millions of individual investors who use closed-end funds as core investments to reach their long-term investment goals.